5 Top Tips to be ready for Spring

We want you to have the best chance of getting your dream garden this Spring.

Get Cleaning!

Your garden is probably a bit disheveled from the Winter weather, so start by cleaning up your space a little. Brush down your patio, mow the lawn, clear any broken branches or debris, you want to be ready for those spring bulbs popping through!


Its that time of year again to break out your garden tools from the shed. They’ll need some loving after winter so make sure you give them a clean with soap and water.


The soil is where the good stuff in your garden will be coming from, so make sure you turn and rake it pre planting before adding some new compost into the mix.


Do you know what plants you want or would work well in your garden? Think about colours, heights, locations, if you want to cover up a fence etc. Obviously Handmade Landscapes can help you with any designing issues.


When you have your dream garden you need to look after it! Again something here at Handmade Landscapes we can help you with. Once flowers start blooming you will need to look at deadheading so new ones can come through while late spring is a great time for mulching.

Don’t forget to get in touch with any gardening help you may need!